Carcajou is located 75km NW of the town of St-Félicien, Saguenay area, Quebec, which lies on the western shores of Lac St-Jean. Road access to the area is via a network of well-maintained gravel and forestry roads which cross the property.

Carcajou and Lynx Properties


The claim group consists of 137 mining titles covering an area of 7679 Ha (77 sq. km) forming a north-south trending rectangular shape measuring 17.5 km long x 5 km wide.

Geologically, the property is located within the Grenville Province (a geological zone, not an actual Canadian province) of the Canadian Shield and along the Waswanipi-Saguenay Zone. Rocks consist of gneisses of Proterozoic age, varying from quartzites to migmatites and orthogneiss. Intrusive rocks of gabbro to norites and anorthosites are also present. An alkaline intrusive body called the Crevier Carbonatite is located less than 20 km northeast of the Carcajou Property. The Crevier Carbonatite hosts the Crevier Niobium deposit discovered in 1975. In 2010, a NI43-101 M&I resource of 25 MT grading 0.20% Nb2O5, 0.023% Ta2O5 and an inferred resource of 15.4 MT of 0.17% Nb2O5, 0.025% Ta2O5 (Niobay Metals).

Carcajou Property

The area surrounding the Crevier Carbonatite also hosts many REE showings, two of which are located within the Carcajou Property. The Jeb and The Claire ETR prospects were discovered in 2020 during government mapping programs of NTS map sheets 32H02 and 32H07 respectively. Grab samples from the Jeb ETR Prospect returned values of up to 10561 ppm TREO (total rare earth oxides) including 5320 ppm Ce, 2710 ppm La, 1660 ppm Nd and 544 ppm Pr. Claire ETR Prospect returned values of up to 2407 ppm TREO including 1500 ppm Ce, 625 ppm La, 417 ppm Nd, and 127 ppm Pr. Allanite, a REE-rich mineral, was observed in both showings. The Jeb Showing represents one of the highest TREO grades obtained in the area to date.

Both the Jeb and Claire ETR showings are recent discoveries that have never received any exploration work in the past. They are located within a regionally favourable environment that hosts carbonatite intrusives and other REE showings in the immediate area.

The 2024 exploration budget is under evaluation.