Caribou is located east of our Saguenay Area projects, in the North Shore region of Quebec, 120km north of the town of Sept-Isles. Regular regional flights from Montreal to Sept-Iles are available weekly.

QREE Projects Map 2024

The Sept-Iles to Shefferville railroad/gravel road/power line crosses the Caribou Project.

Caribou Sept Iles Shefferville

The Caribou Project is located approximately 40km west of the Kwyjibo REE Deposit and underlain by similar geological formations. An iron-rich horizon was discovered on the Caribou project containing minor amounts of REE. Kwyjibo Deposit is hosted in a IOCG iron-rich horizon.

Caribou 40km west Kwyjibo REE Deposit

The magnetic trend coincident with the Kwyjibo Deposit seems to continue west toward the Caribou Project where the iron-rich horizon was discovered.

Caribou magnetic trend coincident